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I trust you had no problems opening the above pdf file, if you did then check out your computers settings to make sure that the devices required to view such files is (enabled). To make this web page as simple as possible I have decided not to have all the bells and whistles like menu bars, flashing text and such. It's a one page setup and if I can't get what I want one here then no flash crap is gunna make it any easier. So just click on me files and you should be ok.

If you are a PD sufferer then you may relate to some of what ails me, if you are not then I pray you never get to have this debilitating disease. There is a great little video about pd and when I can figure out how to place it below for you I will.
I Wont Back Down
I've put together these files about me battle to try and do something rather than sittin' back and lettin' pd rule me life. I 've always loved playin' around with wood and I've found different ways to do things which I'm pretty proud of so far.
Battle One
Battle Two
Bundy Rum 31
Me B-Double
I Wont Back Down - Tom Petty
There are days when things do go hell west and crooked in me workshop and nothin' seems to go right at all, so me ipod which is hooked up to me powered speaker system gets a work out when me favourite Aussie Country Singer Brian Letton gets to take me mind off me problems.
Check out his webpage by clickin below.
Truckin' 'Til My Dyin' Day - Brian Letton
So there you have it, my pdf's have taken several months to create and I have obtained a new software program which has allowed me to build this web page the way I wanted it. Not been easy but I'm proud of what I have here to share with you. No bells and whistles and no menus to follow, not everyones ideal web page but hopefully one you wont get lost on.

From time to time I will put up more files to let you see what I'm up to, my life today is not run at a frantic pace so drop by now and then to see what's new. There are times when I struggle to convert Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide and me Medication into Dopemine but when things aint too bad I do take every opportunity I can to get to be in me woodworkin' workshop to turn perfectly good wood into sawdust.

                                                                                Take Care, Stay Safe and Travel Safe.

                                                                                         Kev (The WIZARD of OZZ).
Parkinson's The Shocking Fact.
If you are a genuine person who wants to contact me then you'll need to go to your e-mail software and add me to your list of contacts. Just enter the above address to your contacts
But Remember put in the @ and not (at).

I know is pain in the butt - but is the best way to prevent me self from bein' inundated with spam from those who troll for e-mail addresses.
Posted 23-08-17. Australian Patriot Song.
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